Develop your own fashion style


Develop your own fashion style

Your style is important. Every time you buy something, make something or make something, ask yourself: Is it in my style? Does it meet the right clothing requirements for me?

If you live in a small town or a village and suddenly find yourself on Fifth Avenue in New York City, would you feel your attire clear? Would you lose your wardrobe if friends from the American Fashion Center came to see you? You shouldn't. If you study and persevere in dress to perfection, you will have the same opportunity to dress properly as any other woman.

We need to understand that we have a style of our own and that we are a special kind. It is recognized by every fashion authority and every fashion publication in the country, because if all women adhered to one fashion, only one, instead of twenty, thirty or fifty different designs would be shown in a fashion fashion book.

Check out any fashion book today and you'll find round and round and top and bottom lines on the same issue - all with ideas and tips to help women dress properly which will help them find individuality. Appropriate style.

Creating a style for yourself and then perfecting it - be it a hat, gloves, shoes, dress or suit - will prove to be profitable, and will not take long to achieve perfection.

A prominent New York businesswoman, one of the most uniquely dressed women I know, wears the smartest suits and hats and always wears seriously tailor-made gowns. And her neckwear, usually a jabot or a stock, is so smart that you never question for a minute whether it is officially fashionable. She always wears high shoes on the street and usually they have light colored tops, as she is tall and the light tops of the shoes help to break the look of height.

One day, this young woman came to see me. I couldn’t help but comment on the completeness of her outfit. I said, "If I saw your shadow, I should know that you were the harmony that your silhouette expresses and the way you carry yourself."

She said, "Did you know that comments like yours made me persist in acquiring my style of clothing? I thought I wanted loose, floppy clothing so that I could be as comfortable and as free and comfortable as I was. Once upon a time, when New York on a ferry boat As I passed the harbor, I saw the women sitting in a line in front of me, apparently enjoying their Slovenian demeanor. None of them expressed dignity or pride in their personal appearance. I then picked up some self-accessories ৷ I was ashamed of myself because I realized that I was not dressed more beautifully than the other women in the boat ৷ I sat up straight and just then I was determined to find a style that was practical for me. Will become and I will express that style in the most interesting and agreeable way that I can. "

He was open enough to tell me that he was responsible for awakening a large part of his success, trimming himself and keeping himself fit. She always plans to keep a good suit or a good dress - just as good as she can afford; She collects a dress that she has to respect and it will make her “fit to dress”.

He said, "If I wear a disgusting dress, I will let my shoes get worn out and be indifferent to my personal attire; but when I have a dress that I have to be special about, I always have my hair, my shoes, Gloves, my corset - everything is fine, and I always look my best. "

Living a life that suits your outfit, creating a style and equating it with an intelligent expression is worth a lot of dollars to a woman who wants to succeed in business, home or social life.

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