How To Quit Smoking For Life


How To Quit  Smoking For Life

Do you want to learn how to quit smoking? How often do you declare to yourself or to someone else, "I really have to quit smoking," just to flip-flop and smoke another? In the event that you, like many cigarette smokers, your answer would be: "Many times more than I feel comfortable with."

You are certainly not alone. Research shows that about 90% of current smokers want to kick their smoking addiction. The lucky reality is that with a little hard work and a lot of dedication, anyone can finally figure out how to quit smoking and live a healthier life as a healthy smoker. If you are ready to quit, there are plans to quit smoking completely to help control your nicotine addiction and stop smoking forever.

How to quit smoking Step 1: Decide to quit

Like any huge plan of action, it can rarely happen unless you make a solid decision to achieve and achieve your plans. The same is true when smoking discovers how to quit smoking. It is usually at this junction, though, that several nicotine users become anxious, suffering from the fear of making it every day without the drug nicotine.

Instead of being intimidated by the promise of quitting completely, decide to commit to activities that can help you quit smoking more successfully. Just tell yourself, "I'm going to work on my recovery plan with an open mind and work on the strategies described in this guide on how to quit smoking."

Doesn't it seem much easier to make up your mind right now to smoke another cigarette right now? Definitely! A lifetime commitment to quit smoking is extreme for many active smokers, but a daily determination to work for quitting is highly commendable!

Considering that you have decided to take steps to make a living as a healthy smoker, why not move on.

How to quit smoking Step 2: List your personal reasons for quitting smoking

Yes! You got it! This guide claims to write some content, so write some sheets of paper and some and keep going!

Any and every purpose should be listed for why you want to quit smoking, if they are true. It is not a good idea to bring in objectives that do not carry too much money in your particular case. You can easily pay for cigarettes at the event, for example, smoking may not be a sufficient motivating factor to stop the price of cigarettes. Although you focus on your health and you fear being one of the 400,000 annual statistics of smoking COPD deaths; Health is going to be a good reason for you to quit smoking.

Other reasons for quitting smoking may include: the well-being of your children or animal companions, the desire to be high productive in your job, the desire to avoid unpleasant odors from non-smokers, the desire to be a role model for your teens, etc.

Make sure you have a reason to quit smoking on a piece of paper or a small scratch pad that you can keep with you throughout the process. You're going to refer to it as the motivation to stick to your plan to quit so you can finally quit smoking.

How to quit smoking Step 3: Set your quit date

In a previous attempt to quit smoking, you almost certainly discovered that it is not easy to become a smoker the next time you are actively smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day or more. While some former smokers may stop this way, the majority cannot. As an alternative to trying to wake up the next morning as a smoker, you decide to wake up tomorrow with the intention of smoking one less cigarette than today.

After all, you want to smoke only 10-15 cigarettes a day before you quit smoking well - either without medication or with the help of quitting smoking. Depending on how much you smoke each day and how many cigarettes you decide to reduce each day, your specific quit date will come in about a couple of weeks to 45 days or more from today.

A simple but effective way to reduce your daily cigarette smoking is to reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke by just one per day or every other day - the final decision is yours. If you save a lot on quitting smoking, you might be wise to try to reduce your cigarette smoking each day so that you can work harder to quit.

If you want to concentrate, it would be wise to create a Cigarette Smoking Tracking Chart - again with the ability to keep a small notebook with you for days on end. A standard tracking chart would consist of 4 basic columns: Time craving hits, when you actually smoke, triggers your greed and you could do something else.

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